Isn’t It ?

It’s difficult isn’t it ?Living a life of neglect. It’s difficult isn’t it?Trying to fit in. Unappreciated, Unnoticed.Neglected and Disapproved. Wonder, how it feels ?To be welcomed and commendedfor all the efforts you’ve made. uh…Hey. Are you breathing ?What else do you expect? live a life ?that’s funny. Struggles and efforts won’t help you fit […]

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A Desire To Be

Trapped in a chapter of History,my thought coalesce in desultoryAnd in a brusque I question myself,How would I be in this world by oneself? Would I be a rogue in a war,A dictator or perhaps a czar?Bear a mustache abhor?commission the carnage of a sect. Would I be a Hero? A rebel.A barbaric Nation I […]

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Memory Lane

The last time I visited those lanes, oxytocine rushed through my veins, butterfly fluttered in my stomach. That day we took a long walk through those lanes, holding hands, both of us lost track of time as we were busy doting each other. Our never ending conversations, those laughter everything we felt had a meaning […]

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Affliction Of Love

If only you could hear my mind Screaming and crying every night. You would feel the fear run up my nerves at your very sight. You keep grinding me while i smile every night, Overlooking my tears that roll down my eyes. You say you love me so you bruise me till it fills your […]

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I hear the symphony of death,Digging my grave.A part of me, deceasedThe other calls me brave.Survived years of fraternity,Completing the dates of mortality.My conscience counts the times i’ve sinned;Partially envisioning my afterlife destined.A little fast, a little slowMy heart still beatsSoon will come the timeI rejoice my life’s defeat.

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Break free

I feel like running away, someplace in the mountains Or perhaps to a place where sky meets the ocean. To a place where i wasn’t destined to go. A little out of schedule,breaking the monotony Loosing myself in noisy solitude.

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Swallowed by our shallowness, We belong to a generation having empty emotions. Our perception has been moulded by our insecurities And our actions are driven by our rage. We drink alone to quench our pain, Till our sadness goes away with every shot glasses. With drunken heads we walk down the lanes And with every […]

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I feel the pain Like drug passing through my narrow veins, Feeding my conscious with coke and green Sitting silent and feeling numb in serene. Higher as it feels My life plays in reels, Is it real or a game? A war between the Knight and its Dame. How it’s played remains unknown. The rooks […]

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I am sinking. Into the depth of my subconsciousness. I see. A light rising, growing and flourishing. I am blinded. Blinded by the spark,The zest it carries. I wondered. I wondered who the light was ? Its effervence left me fascinated. I wish. I wish I could be this. ENCAGED. What happened? darkness encircled and […]

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Her love was like an Oasis, Calm and peaceful Tranquil and serene, Satisfying. Her soul was full of expectations, While his was just a mirage.

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